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Help Your Renters Become Good San Jose Tenants

Help Your Renters Become Good San Jose Tenants

Many of the property owners we work with don’t really know what to expect from their tenants. Landlords would love for the house to come back the way it was given to a tenant and they would like the rent to be paid on time every month. Beyond that, they don’t really...

San Jose Property Management: Maintenance and Vendors

San Jose Property Management: Maintenance and Vendors

Choosing the right vendors to work on your rental property is extremely important. We have a lot of clients ask us why we will only work with vendors who are licensed and bonded. We do this to protect our property owners. If there is an injury on your property and the...

How to Be a Good San Jose Landlord

How to Be a Good San Jose Landlord

There are some very good reasons why you should strive to be a good landlord. For starters, it’s just nice to have a good business relationship with your tenants. There’s also a huge economic reason to be a good landlord. When you follow the rules and make an effort...

Why You Should Rent Your San Jose Home if You Can’t Sell it

The California rental market is unpredictable, and while it may be a hot seller’s market today, there’s no telling what things will look like in a month or a few months, when interest rates have begun climbing. If you’re having trouble selling your San Jose/Silicon Valley home, you might want to consider renting it out. This is much better than leaving it vacant on the market, dropping your price, or dealing with the multiple frustrations of not being able to sell it as quickly as you were hoping.

You’ve Decided to Rent Out Your San Jose Property, What Do You Do First?

There are dozens of good reasons to rent out your San Jose property, and you’ve probably already thought about those. You’ll earn consistent rental income, hold onto an asset that’s only going to increase in value, and leverage the equity and income in your property when you need it.

What Aborn Properties is doing to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting our families and businesses for more than a year now, and while there’s good news with the vaccines and the economy is showing signs of coming back to life, this virus is still an ongoing crisis.  With eviction moratoriums, job...

Is it Time to Switch San Jose Property Management Companies?

Making the decision to switch San Jose property management companies is not easy, especially if you value relationships and longevity when it comes to your investment properties. However, if a property manager is not meeting your expectations or failing to do what they’ve promised to do, it’s likely time to look for a company that can provide better services and more value.

Hiring a San Jose Property Manager vs. Self Managing – What is Best for You?

Once you have invested in a rental property or you find yourself wanting to rent out a home you once lived in, you have a few details to take care of. You’ll have to prepare the property for the market, acquire the necessary insurance, and make sure you have a reserve fund to cover unexpected maintenance costs, vacancies, and other potential expenses.

How to Avoid Long Term Vacancies | San Jose Property Management

Smart investors and rental property owners will budget for vacancy. It’s expected that you’ll have to spend some time getting your property ready for the rental market and turning it over between tenants. However, you don’t want those vacancies to stretch on for weeks...

Professional Property Management in San Jose – 40 Years of Excellent Service

by Joi Walker, Senior Property Manager. This year at Aborn Properties, we are celebrating our 40th year in business. During that time, we have seen real estate wax and wane and the Bay area and Silicon Valley change dramatically. Throughout all 40 of these years, our...

Setting Tenant Expectations at Move-In – Best Practices for Landlords in San Jose

By Gary Walker, owner and CVO. Once you have screened and selected a tenant, you need to pay attention to how you implement the lease and explain your expectations. This is an area that a lot of landlords pass by and then later wish they hadn’t. An alternate title to...

Selecting & Notifying New Tenants – Best Practices for San Jose Landlords

The process of selecting and notifying tenants is just as important as tenant screening. In a previous blog, we talked about screening. Today, we’re talking about how you should go about choosing your tenant and getting your lease signed. Selection Process The...

Tenant Screening – Best Practices for Landlords in San Jose

Proper tenant screening is crucial and it’s one of the areas that professional property managers can do better than individual landlords. We screen so many people that we have systems and processes in place that are designed to protect landlords and owners. You have...
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