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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are my management fees tax deductible?

A: In most states, yes, management fees are tax deductible expenses.  Check with your tax preparer or local tax laws to be certain.

Q: Can Aborn Properties help with current tenant problems?

A: We are extremely experienced in dealing with tenant problems.  Problems can range from slowness in rent payment to causing trouble with neighbors.  We can work with the tenants to resolve many problems.  If they are not solvable, we can assist the current tenants with finding new residences, and finding a new residence for your property. 

Q: Can I have a new manager and keep the current tenant?

A: Absolutely.  We can introduce ourselves to your tenant and make arrangements to have all future dealings (rent, repair, etc.) handled by our firm, with no inconvenience for you.

Q: Does Aborn Properties sell Real Estate?

A: Yes, we can handle all your real estate needs.  Many of our real estate sales come from property management clients, who are ready to sell.  Recent tax leniency has lessened capital gains allowing property owners to choose other investments without huge tax penalties.  We have also assisted tenants in purchasing the homes where they live.

Q: How long does a complete eviction take?

From the day the tenant does not pay rent until the day the sheriff arrives, 40 days, when all steps are executed correctly.  While horror stories abound about tenants remaining in properties 3-6 months without paying, this can always be avoided by knowing, and correctly executing, the eviction process.

Q: Should I sell or rent?

A: Every property and every owner is unique.  An Aborn Properties Manager can meet with you to look at your property’s sale and rental value, as well as the market trends.  These figures must then be compared with your budget and investment strategies so you can make the best decision for you.

Q: What does Aborn Properties offer its clients?


  • Convenience: Our clients breathe a sigh of relief knowing that 3:00 a.m. phone calls and tenant hassles are over.  When emergencies arise we can be reached by phone and pager, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Professional knowledge: All we do is real estate and property management, so we know the current laws and regulations and how they affect our clients.  We are licensed and stay educated in real estate changes.  
  • Experience: Every day we work with property owners, tenants, vendors (repair people), and other real estate professionals.  We have over 40 years of real estate experience, that we put to work for you.
Q: What is necessary in good tenant selection?


Tenant selection looks at many aspects of the tenants rental history.

  • Rental history (landlord references)
  • Credit history
  • Residence stability
  • Employer stability
Q: Will I lose control of my property?

A: No.  We know that this property belongs to you, and we work with you to take care of the property in the way you need. Some clients would like to be involved in every decision, others would prefer decisions to be made by the managers.  The level of supervision is your choice. When problems arise, we can advise of all possible options. With the exception of legal requirements, we leave the final decisions to you.