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Milpitas Property Management

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Milpitas Property Management

Aborn Properties is a full service real estate company, serving the Santa Clara County for more than 35 years. We specialize in residential sales and property management, and are centrally located in Milpitas.

We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive portfolio with over 200 single family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in the Milpitas area.

The Benefits of Using Aborn Properties

  • Worry Free management
  • Automated owner statements
  • Online owner portal access
  • Industry leading marketing tools
  • 24/7 maintenance request handling
  • Prompt response to tenant requests
  • Low vacancy rate
  • Low time on market
  • Industry specific local knowledge
  • Caring and experienced management and staff

What We Do as Your Property Manager

  • Advertise your rental
  • Screening prospective tenants
  • Implement tenant selection
  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance, repairs and cleaning
  • Comprehensive Property Survey
  • Record keeping and administration

Meeting Your Specific Needs

We strive to make your investment as profitable and trouble-free to you as possible. We keep your property rented at a current rental rate to tenants who help maintain your property. We provide firm and courteous enforcement of tenancy rules, as well as reliable and businesslike collection of rent. With the understanding that individual needs will vary, the terms of particular management agreements will be changed accordingly. We do our best to re-rent a property before the present tenant moves out. We do not like vacancies any more than do owners!

Advertise your rental+

  • Advertise on our website: AbornProperties.com
  • Advertise on: Craigslist and Zillow
  • Advertise on many other popular cites like: realtor.com, apartments.com, Trulia, HotPads, irent, real rentals and more!

Our Philosophy+

Our purpose is to make Real Estate investment as profitable and troublefree as possible for our clients. We keep properties rented, at a current market rate, to tenants who care about and understand the responsibilities of maintaining a property. Our tenants know what is expected of them. We provide firm and courteous enforcement of tenancy rules, as well as reliable and businesslike collection of rent.

Maximize Your Investment+

Real estate is an excellent long-term investment provided that the purchase price and timing are appropriate for the particular client's financial picture. In order to maximize your investment, your property must be properly maintained, rented to qualified tenants who value where they live and are willing to aid in maintenance, as well as being able to pay a reasonable rent for the neighborhood. Keeping the rental price competitive allows the owner/manager to select from a wider variety of applicants.

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Tenant Selection+

Tenant selection is essential to good cash flow in the short term and overall property value in the long term. Once the basic criteria of income credit history and good references are met, it is important to determine if the applicant intends to be long term and is reasonably able to meet that commitment. Tenant Selection is an area where professional property management makes a profound difference. We screen over 200 prospective tenants each year.

Our experience is that long-term tenancy is in the owner's best interest unless there is a particular need on the part of the owner for a shorter period of tenancy. Often the greatest amount of wear and tear to a property arises from tenants moving in or out. Property maintenance is both a tenant and owner responsibility. The tenants should keep the property and grounds neat and clean and the owners should make necessary repairs to plumbing, electrical, etc. whenever necessary.

Screening Prospective Tenants

  • Prospective tenants submit a completed application, preferably after viewing the property.
  • Credit checks are performed, including a search for previous Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) actions.
  • Applicant's income is verified through review of paycheck stubs.
  • We interview the applicant's previous landlords when possible.

Implementing Tenant Selection

  • We execute a legally binding lease covering any additional terms as deemed appropriate.
  • A security deposit is collected to protect the owner.
  • The first month's rent is collected prior to occupancy.
  • We conduct a complete walk-through with the tenant prior to move-in. We take pictures throughout the property and the tenant signs a Statement of Condition, acknowledging the condition of the property at the time of move-in.

Rent collection

  • Rent is due on the first day of each month.
  • After the grace period, generally 3 days, a late fee of approximately 5% of the rental amount is assessed.
  • 3-day notice if not received by the 7th a service fee of $50 applies.

Maintenance, Repairs and Cleaning+

We use licensed, bonded workmen, thereby lessening owner's liability. Repairs are made as soon as possible. Major repairs must nave owner's prior approval before any work is begun. 

No matter how old your property is, you have to budget for repairs. Talk to your property manager about what to expect. If you are managing your property on your own, make sure you put aside a percentage of the monthly rental income to cover potential repairs and replacements.


  • We do a complete "Statement of Condition" with photos at move-in.
  • We do an interior inspection at least once yearly, the first within 6 months of move-in. Results are shared with the owner.
  • We do random, unannounced drive-bys of the property.
  • After a tenant moves out we inspect the property and compare its condition with the condition at move-in. Any deviations determine the basis for possible deductions from the Security Deposit.

Record Keeping and Administration+

  • Monthly, by the 7th we send statements to the owner, itemizing all income and any expenses.
  • We can pay any expenses related to the property Including mortgage, taxes, and homeowner's dues.
  • Copies of invoices for all work performed are enclosed with the financial statements.
  • We maintain a reserve fund for any emergency repairs.


Our fees are fair and competitive. The Leasing fee covers our costs of finding and selecting a qualified, reliable tenant. It is $350, plus the actual advertising costs. Should a tenant move out in less than 9 months, we will re-rent the unit at no additional charge to the owner. No leasing fee is charged for transferring your property to Aborn Properties if your rental is currently occupied.

The management fee is based on the gross monthly rent collected, and is specified in the Property Management Contract. The percentage calculation comes from the rent amount of the specific property. It covers all costs associated with timely rent collection and processing, debt servicing, communications with tenants on your behalf, and any crisis management.


"It's been a pleasure working with everyone at Aborn! I have a duplex in Milpitas they have been managing for over 10 years and there hasn't been a single time where I have been unhappy with them. My main contact there is so sharp, she really understands the business and is great about knowing ahead of time what I need from her. All good things to say about them!"
- Donald Carlo

"They have been our property managers for some years now. All of their services and professionalism have been greatly appreciated. All of our concerns and maintenance upkeep are always done efficiently. I recommend Aborn without hesitation."
- Jessie Cole

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aborn Properties sell Real Estate?
Yes, we can handle all your real estate needs.  Many of our real estate sales come from property management clients, who are ready to sell.  Recent tax leniency has lessened capital gains allowing property owners to choose other investments without huge tax penalties.  We have also assisted tenants in purchasing the homes where they live. 

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Milpitas was first inhabited by the Tamyen (also spelled Thomien, Tamien, Thamien, or Tamiayn), a linguistic subgroup of the Muwekma Ohlone people who had resided in the San Francisco Bay Area for thousands of years. The Ohlone Indians lived a traditional life based on everyday hunting and gathering. Some of the Ohlone lived in various villages within what is now Milpitas, including sites underneath what are now the Calvary Assembly of God Church and Higuera Adobe Park. Archaeological evidence gathered from Ohlone graves at the Elmwood Correctional Facility in 1993 revealed a rich trade with other tribes from Sacramento to Monterey Wikipedia

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