What Aborn Properties is doing to Combat the COVID-19 Crisis - Article Banner

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting our families and businesses for more than a year now, and while there’s good news with the vaccines and the economy is showing signs of coming back to life, this virus is still an ongoing crisis. 

With eviction moratoriums, job loss, and other collateral damage, we know that our owners and tenants have been dealing with a lot. We wanted to take a few moments to talk about how we are helping the people we serve deal with this pandemic, and how our investment in technology and our years of property management experience help to mitigate the fallout that other property managers have been struggling to contain.

Safety First: Contact Free Inspections and Leasing

Our physical office has been closed to the public since the pandemic began, and we have encouraged our staff to work from home whenever possible. This has not impeded our work as we lease, manage, and maintain rental properties. Most of our work is done online anyway, and the accessibility to electronic and digital platforms has only increased for our team members.

Property inspections are done via Zoom with our residents. This allows us to protect your property and the health and safety of your residents. We’re able to make the same detailed notes and take pictures as well as video to document the condition of your property. The move-in inspections are conducted without the tenants present. 

We’ve also eliminated the need for paper marketing materials and lease agreements. There are no flyers or handouts or business cards moving from one set of hands to another. Lease agreements are signed digitally, and we’re still available to tenants who may have questions or need parts of the lease explained.

Showing Your San Jose Rental Home Safely

We are still able to show vacant rental properties, we’re just doing it a little bit differently. First, we’re pre-screening tenants before we allow them to see the home in person. We want to make sure there’s a good chance that they’ll be approved and we don’t want a large stream of prospective tenants flowing through the properties. We’re limiting property showings to members of one household at a time. 

We can also provide video tours of properties for prospective tenants who are not comfortable with an in-person visit.  

Leveraging Property Management Technology

Leveraging Property Management TechnologyWe had already invested in the most innovative technology available to property management companies, and that has helped us manage this pandemic brilliantly. We’re communicating more by email and our cloud based accounting means that rental payments are still coming in on time, and accounting statements are easily generated. 

With all the pandemic change we are proud that our great relationships with our tenants has enabled us to maintain a 97% payment record. 

All of this has reduced your liability as an owner, and it’s kept us in close contact with our tenants, landlords, and vendors. Because of our ongoing cooperative relationship with our tenants we have had less than 1% default even with the eviction moratorium. The extra work keeping our tenants happy is really paying off for our owners. 

Home has taken on a new meaning during this pandemic. It’s not just the place where you live. It’s now the place where your family feels most safe. It’s where a lot of people are working and it’s where a lot of children are learning. Make sure you’re working with a San Jose property management company that understands this. Contact our team at Aborn Properties.