Security Deposit Dispute

We have processed your security deposit and sent you a form detailing each item that you have been charged for. You have up to five (5) days after lease termination to specifically list each item that you disagree with. The form below provides you this opportunity to state each item that you disagree with and state why you disagree so that our staff and/or attorneys can review and make a final determination. If you don’t submit a dispute for an item, that means that you have agreed to that charge.

If you have any evidence to support your dispute, such as date-stamped photos or videos, please remember to attach those below so that they can be included in the review. If you do not submit any additional evidence, then we will only be able to rely upon the inspection forms, photos, and videos (if applicable) that we already have. We try to respond to all disputes within 48 business hours if possible.

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