Customized San Jose Property Management Meeting Your Needs

Whether you’re struggling with advertising and marketing or you don’t know how to collect rent from a delinquent tenant, we can step in and provide your rental management solutions. If you’re unsure about what a property management company does because you’ve never invested before, we can walk you through our process, and show you how you can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Take advantage of our multiple areas of expertise.

You can rely on us for exceptional and strategic marketing that reduces your vacancy times. We’ll find great tenants and manage the leasing process. We’ll collect the rent and security deposit and other move-in funds. Then, we’ll get to work on the day-to-day management, which often includes tenant relations, rent collection, maintenance, correspondence, and legal compliance.

No two investors are the same. No two properties are the same, either. Leave one-size-fits-all management plans behind and work with Aborn Properties, where we believe in personalized service and customized San Jose property management.

Leasing, Marketing, Screening in San Jose

Our marketing process is focused on well-qualified tenants who use popular online rental sites. We know how to reach the best tenants, and we provide listings that have great photos and detailed descriptions. We are quick to follow up when tenants inquire, knowing that they have plenty of other options. To reduce vacancy costs and the stress of an unoccupied property, we have systems in place to ensure your leasing process is efficient and without long periods where no rent is coming in.

Screening and tenant selection is well-documented and comprehensive. It’s also compliant with all fair housing laws and those found in the California landlord and tenant requirements.

Maybe you’re not sure about the right rental value or you need a little extra help preparing your property for the San Jose rental market. We’re here to provide the tools and resources that meet the unique needs of your rental property.

For marketing, screening, and leasing in San Jose and the surrounding communities, Aborn Properties is your best choice.

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Maintaining and Managing Your San Jose Rental Property

Tell us what you need, and we’ll be ready to put together a customized management plan just for you.

If you’re not sure what you need, we’re pretty good at understanding that, too. Our full-service property management plans cover everything, including:

  • Move-in inspections and documentation

  • Lawfully collecting and holding security deposits

  • On-time rent collection

  • Tenant communication and relations

  • Routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance

We work with exceptional vendors and contractors, and we’ve invested in some of the most important property management software and technology that’s available. Whatever challenges you’ve encountered with your rental properties in and around San Jose – we have solutions.

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