San Jose Property Management Accounting and Documentation

Detail and transparency are important parts of successfully managing your San Jose rental properties. At Aborn Properties, we value the ability to provide accurate, timely, and transparent reports and statements anytime you need them. When it comes to leasing, accounting, maintenance, and tenant relations, we know that everything has to be documented. It holds us accountable, it keeps your tenants on track, and it allows you to make good decisions based on reliable data.

Our investment in innovative property management technology allows us to stay organized and document every system and process, whether it’s rent collection, maintenance requests, or invoices for services such as landscaping and pest control. You won’t have to wonder where your money is going. You can log onto your portal and see exactly what’s coming in and what’s moving out.

Solid accounting principles and documented processes allow us to provide leasing, management, and maintenance services that are trustworthy and transparent.

San Jose Lease Agreements are Legally Compliant

The lease agreements used by Aborn Properties are legally enforceable in the state and compliant with all laws, regulations, and requirements. We are extremely attentive to California landlord and tenant laws, and we make sure our rental agreements are up to date with any new changes. You can expect the lease that we sign with your tenant to reflect our expectations, the tenant’s responsibilities, and the procedures we will follow for everything pertaining to the management of your investment.

The security deposit comes with its own set of rules and laws, and we’re careful to be transparent and to document how much was collected, where it’s being held, and how it’s meant to be returned. A tenant’s security deposit protects your property against tenant damage, and we’re systematic about returning it within the required 21 days and with well-documented deductions. Our move-in and move-out walk-through reports will include pictures and documentation that will demonstrate the condition of your home when a tenant moves in.

Lease agreements are fair and documented in San Jose and the surrounding communities.

Detailed and Accurate Rental Property Accounting

Our owners can expect to receive monthly accounting statements that accurately reflect the income and expenses associated with a single rental property or an entire portfolio. If you need more detailed information, let us know. We can run reports that give you the information you need, whether you’re interested in a maintenance history or projected vacancy loss.

We can pay your expenses, keep a reserve fund for emergency repairs, and ensure you get copies of all invoices and bills.

Here are some of the ways you can use your online owner’s portal:

  • View rental payments

  • See accounting statements and reports

  • Print a 1099 at tax time

  • Review maintenance requests and invoices

  • See inspection reports and photos

The accounting staff at Aborn Properties is professional, committed, and willing to talk you through anything that seems unclear. We want you to feel comfortable with your rental property financials.

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