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At Aborn Properties, we screen more than 200 people every year. These are prospective residents who want to live in one of the homes we manage, and we’re highly selective when it comes to placing those tenants. We understand the importance of a good tenant. Selecting the right resident affects your rental income and your long term returns. We take this responsibility seriously.

Trying to choose your own tenant can be risky. You need access to extensive background information that includes credit and reference checks. You need to know where to look for prior evictions and judgments, and you’ll need the tools to collect and verify income information and references. This is time-consuming.

It’s also risky because the new housing laws in California are designed to protect the rights of tenants, and it’s easy to make an expensive mistake. Leave the screening and leasing to your property management partners at Aborn Properties.

Fair Housing and Established Rental Criteria

Placing a well-qualified tenant in your San Jose rental property is more important than it’s ever been before. The law has made it more difficult to evict tenants, so you’ll want to place a resident who can be trusted to pay rent and take care of the home in the long term.

You also need to be mindful of how you screen. In California, we are not permitted to look at the source of income when a potential tenant applies for a property. We can establish income standards, but we cannot judge or consider where that income comes from.

It’s been legally established that Section 8 income vouchers can qualify as income. This is an important change to the way San Jose rental property owners market their homes and screen their tenants. We keep our process compliant and free from any legal liability.

We establish rental criteria for every adult who is interested in applying for one of our properties. We provide this criteria to any potential applicant. This allows our screening process to remain objective, fair, and consistent. It makes a big difference in placing the right tenant correctly and in compliance with all state, federal, and local laws.

Aborn Properties screens tenants thoroughly and fairly in San Jose and the surrounding communities.

Our Process for Rigorous Tenant Screening

We’re thorough, and we also keep things simple. We have some basic criteria in place which include income and credit standards, and we look for excellent landlord references. Then, we assess whether the prospective tenant is a long term tenant and likely to meet the requirements of the rental agreement.

Here are the specific things we’re looking at when we evaluate applications:

  • Completed tenant application is accepted

  • Tenant credit checks are completed

  • Eviction check for prior unlawful detainers

  • Tenant income verification with pay stubs and tax forms

  • Landlord references and interviews

If you’re renting out a pet-friendly property and your prospective tenant has pets, we’ll also screen those animals and discuss the pet fees, pet rent, and pet policy we have in place.

As soon as we find and approve a tenant, we get started on moving that resident into your property.

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